Monday, October 10, 2011

Its Been A Long time!!

Well here it is 3AM on Monday morning ( the day we start filming on our New project in DETROIT MI) Don't really know why I am up except I am feeling really grateful about all that is currently going on in my life... Life is really good and getting better everyday .. I know that sounds cliche but its true.. I have so much to look forward to.. One of the things on my agenda is the launching of a Lifestyle brand with my family.. This is such a dream come true for me.. Stay tuned for more details as things progress.. Working with my family doing the things we love is something that has always been a part of my bigger dream,.. Which leads me to the reason that I am writing this blog tonight.

I believe that in every moment of every day we are always writing our life story... On some level I have always known that and behaved as such... This is both a good & bad thing... (smile) In the good times it was about making the right decisions (or the best decisions) at the right time.. at other times I know I made decisions solely based on the fact that I thought it would make my story more interesting.. There are truly no regrets in my life however if I could tell my younger self anything I would say "Girl you are interesting enough" LOL...

2011 so far has been an AMAZING year with mind blowing opportunities and even though from the outside it seems that i am just taking it all in stride.. Truthfully I AM OVERJOYED (insert Stevie Wonder's song here).. i have been blessed to be able to take a step back while it is all happening and realize that GOD has always had it all under control. So what was I worried about? As a christian the only time that I seem to worry is when I forget WHO I AM and WHOSE I AM... We worry the most when we feel separated from GOD and for get how much HE LOVES US.. Thats when I usually find myself down the rabbit hole. (LOL) So what I have learned to do is to focus on HIM and constantly remind myself of all HIS LOVE has done and will do in my life... I know that sounds fairly simple but you should try it.. Its a moment by moment reaffirmation of my MY FAITH.. Being a Christian doesn't mean that your FAITH won't be tested.. It just means that you have the tools to past the test.. And you realize that every test is put in place so that you too will have a testimony

My goal moving forward is to blog more diligently...I really do have so much more to say... So much to prepare for and to enjoy!! GOD keeps all his promises.. I have witnessed this in my own life constantly and this year i have been blessed to recognize it in real time as it is happening not just in hindsight..

My life is my ministry and I realize and accept that everything I do is to glorify HIS name.. How I live, how I love, how I work , all of it is for his GLORY and i finally get that.. Grateful that I do because its been a long time coming.. Just glad that HE knew that I was worth the wait..

OK its 3:30AM time to call it a night and try to get some sleep before the next amazing adventure begins.. I have so much more to share however now is time for sleep.. If i I had to leave you with one thought it would be "ALWAYS BE THANKFUL FOR THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR AND DON'T FORGET TO COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS BECAUSE WHEN YOU DO THEY ONLY MULTIPLY... Remember I speak from my heart and I only speak of what I KNOW,,, If i share it with you here be sure that it is because I have experienced it myself......I am so VERY GRATEFUL for it ALL... Good night MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND ALL WHOM YOU LOVE!!

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