Sunday, October 3, 2010


Understanding that GOD loves us all equally .. I also understand that we are not all the same.. We are different and Unique and that should be celebrated not scorned..

That being said I am a thinker and a planner and though some Christians would accuse me of not having a strong enough faith ..Hence They will always quote 2 Corinthians 5:7We live by faith, not by sight... I will not take away or change the word as it is written .. Please hear me out.. some of us are planners so we plan our work and work our plan..

Now finally I have found scripture that supports how I was made.. I am a planner. GOD Honors Planning.. They speak of planning in Proverbs 15:22 22 Plans fail for lack of counsel,but with many advisers they succeed. Also
Proverbs 21:5 5 The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty.

These verses resonated with me because I AM A PLANNER and I am tired of being ashamed of that or feeling that my faith wasnt as strong because I make plans for my goals.. GOD HONORS PLANNING.. and just because we plan , this is not a sign of lack of faith or spirituality. We too are OBEDIENT to GOD's word

I am currently studying NEHEMIAH.. He did his HOMEWORK..NEHEMIAH was a man with a PLAN.. He was a careful PLANNER

That being said and my declaration being made.. I also know that , all the planning in the world cannot substitute for the power of GOD Proverbs 16:3 3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do,and your plans will succeed.
Nehemiah 2:8 8 And because the gracious hand of my God was upon me, the king granted my requests.
Nehemiah was an excellent planner the king saw this and supported him.. My father always told me that noone can stand in the way of a man that knows where he is going.. They will either lead you, follow you or just get out of your way.. A man who knows where he is going is a MAN WITH A PLAN..

So as an OBEDIENT Christian I will continue to PLAN MY WORK & WORK MY PLAN!!!! in his name for this is the walk that he has chosen for me..


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